Anti-tank wall near Oude Waalsdorperweg
Anti-tank wall near Oude Waalsdorperweg

The defences here are not as imposing as they look

A 270-metre long anti-tank wall of unreinforced concrete protected the Scheveningen stronghold to the north-east. Of this, 215 metres still remains intact. The wall extends on both sides with other barricades, such as dragon’s teeth fortifications and poles. Landward, the barricades in turn give way to an anti-tank trench.

The wall is around 2.5 metres high. It is two metres thick at the base and approximately one and a half metres thick at the top. The anti-tank wall is equipped with a top-piece in a few places; there are holes in the wall, reminiscent of embrasures, beneath the top-pieces. When you approached the wall from outside the stronghold, it looked as though there were bunkers directly on the other side of it, from which you could come under fire.

There is still a machine gun bunker here at the start of the wall. If you follow the wall, you will see a number of other defences inside the bastion.

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