In the Bosjes van Pex
In the Bosjes van Pex

Tennis beside the anti-tank trench

There were three farms in this area prior to World War II. They were surrounded by sports fields, tennis courts, a tree nursery and an ice skating rink, which was used as a playground in summer. One of the farms, Daal en Berg, was leased by the Pex family - the wooded area Bosjes van Pex [Pex's thickets] derives its name from this family.

Anti-tank trench

Most trees were felled during construction of the Atlantic Wall. An anti-tank trench was built where the ice skating rink lay. Two of the three farms were demolished, including the Pex family’s farm, Daal en Berg. Only Berg en Dal was spared. The tennis courts also remained in use during occupation.

The woods were reclaimed after the war thanks to the planting of deciduous trees and shrubs. The ice skating rink also returned, until it made way for football fields in the Sixties.

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