At Oosterbeek Estate
At Oosterbeek Estate

Entrance to the stronghold

One of the entrances to the Clingendael stronghold was here. From a military standpoint, an access point is always a weak point that needs extra defence.

The Germans therefore built a 625-type artillery bunker on the inside of the anti-tank trench, left and right of Benoordenhoutseweg. The artillery was pointed towards the road.

The bunker to the west is currently in use as an animal hospital by Dierenambulance Den Haag animal rescue. The bunker has been dug out of the sand and is therefore easily visible from the road. The bunker on the other side of the road is buried beneath sand.

UFA Filmstad Den Haag

The bunker in use by Dierenambulance is located on the Oosterbeek estate. From the thirties, there was a film studio here, which the Germans continued to use during the war. No less than twenty German feature films were produced here between 1941 and 1944.

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