Bunker hidden under the pavement
Bunker hidden under the pavement

Of Dutch origin

Not all bunkers along the coast of Schevening were of German origin. On 28 August 1939, when tensions flared rapidly in Europe, the Netherlands announced mobilisation.

Along the promenade, trenches were dug and sandbags stacked, behind which soldiers could shelter in the event of an attack from the sea. Three casemates, each with three embrasures, were constructed in the seawall. Meanwhile, beach life continued.

A few years later, the three casemates were incorporated into the Atlantic Wall; the seaside resort had meanwhile come to a standstill.

Two casemates were discovered during construction of the new promenade in 2010. One was moved 25 metres and now lies beneath the promenade where it can be viewed through a glass pane. The other was moved to the Geniemuseum in Vught. The third casemate is located along the north promenade and can still be seen there.

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