The location of the radar complex
The location of the radar complex

Tracking the enemy

The German Navy started constructing the Kijkduin Radar Complex in the dunes here from 1943.

It was at what used to be the highest point of Westduinpark, where objects in the immediate environment did not obstruct the antennae. As far as choice of location, the height and unobstructed location were more important than the ability to defend the position. The antennae, consisting of a square grid of around 20 x 15 metres, could observe aircraft and ships travelling across the sea towards The Hague at a distance of 200 kilometres. The antennae stood on a special bunker with equipment to operate the radar installation, process measurement data, and forward it to a central command bunker. The bunker was surrounded by supporting constructions, including personnel living quarters, which were connected to one another via trenches. The surface area of the entire complex was 250 by 200 metres and it was defended by four machine gun emplacements and two anti-aircraft defences. The bunker itself is sealed off, but it is worthwhile climbing the dunes to view the outside of the complex.

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